Laptop Lunches® Wins SheKnows Parenting Award for Kids Bento Lunch Boxes

Laptop Lunches® is pleased to announce that their bento lunch boxes for children recently won first place in the Best Kids Lunch Box category of the SheKnows 2010 Parenting Awards. These awards have been designed to recognize exceptional products and services in the parenting industry. Nominees were selected based on functionality, quality, convenience and best bang for the consumer’s buck, and visitors to the website selected the winners by voting online.

Bento Lunch Box

Kids' Bento Lunch Boxes Awarded SheKnows Parenting Award

Laptop Lunches® kids’ bento lunch boxes have been designed to help families pack healthy, eco-friendly lunches for school, play, travel, and more. They are reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe and contain no phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or lead. Recently named the Best Kids Lunch Box by, these sustainable lunch boxes for children come with a book of healthy lunch ideas, as well as lunch making tips and recipes that promote better nutrition and waste reduction.

SheKnows Best Kids Lunchbox Winner, an online destination for women with the latest news on parenting, entertainment and more, created the SheKnows 2010 Parenting Awards in recognition of parenting products and services that are most valued by today’s consumer. The awards were broken into 100 different categories, covering everything from gadgets and books to lunch boxes and toys. Nominated products or companies were reviewed by the team of editors and handpicked for quality, functionality, convenience and more. The winners were determined via an organic online voting process that was open to the public.

What The Laptop Lunches Co-Founders Are Saying

“We are thrilled that Laptop Lunches® has been chosen as the Best Kids Lunch Box winner for this year’s She Knows Parenting Awards!” said Amy Hemmert, President and Co-Founder of Obentec, Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Tammy Pelstring added, “This recognition is truly an honor, and we want to thank everyone who voted for us!”

“The SheKnows community has spoken and named Laptop Lunches® as a leading product used by parents across the nation on a daily basis,” said Kyle Cox, vice president and general manager of SheKnows. “We are thrilled to celebrate Laptop Lunches® as a winner of the SheKnows Parenting Awards and wish them further success as a must-use product for parents.”

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