Interview with Lunch Hour Filmmaker, James Costa

After coming face to face with what he saw as the sad reality of school lunches, filmmaker James Costsa felt compelled to reignite the conversation about what we’re feeding our kids which he’s done through his latest film, Lunch Hour.

Lunch Hour was released March 4, 2014 on ITunes and various other online video sites. Read on to learn more about James’ inspirations and goals for this film and then be sure to check out the trailer and learn how you can view the full length film today.

Laptop Lunches: What inspired you to take the time to make this film? What were some of your goals going into production?
James Costa: When I saw what kids at school were getting I realized I couldn’t just say, “Oh what a shame and move on.” I needed to get involved. So I decided to make a film about it hopefully shine a big spotlight on the issue. The goal of the film was to make it something that most people could watch, understand, and then get motivated to do something. Sort of like my inspiration for making the film. Fingers crossed!

Laptop Lunches: What did you learn that surprised you the most?
Costa: How vocal the kids were about not liking the food. They were very honest and wanted to be involved in making it better. They just wanted to be respected when it comes to the food we serve them.

Laptop Lunches: I’ve read that a large number of students have declined school lunches due to the changes made through Michelle Obama’s campaign (Lunches were too healthy ?). What kind of an effect have you noticed her campaign has had on the overall system?
Costa: It got the conversation moving in the right direction. We know what happens when we do nothing. We can’t afford to afford to have another generation of sick and unhealthy children.

Laptop Lunches: Do you feel like there is hope that change can and will happen?
Costa: Yes, what’s the alternative? Time is just wasted saying there Is nothing we can do.

Laptop Lunches: What do you suggest that we, as parents, do to help facilitate a change to the current system?
Costa: Go to your school and see what they are serving your children. If you’re not satisfied with it then get some other parents together and go to the school principal and demand that something be done to make the lunches healthier.

Laptop Lunches: If you had a child in the school system right now, how would you handle their lunches?
Costa: The same thing I’m telling parents to do. Visit the cafeteria, get the school lunch menu for the week, get a picture of the school lunch and plan accordingly on what action you need to take.

Laptop Lunches: What’s your favorite thing to have for lunch?
Costa: Sounds boring but nothing beats a salad for lunch. It gives me the energy to finish the day and be productive!

To view the full length film, click here:

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