Tales From a Traveling Superhero

Headed out of town with the little ones?

With a 5 and a 1 year old, I totally feel you – yet I, too, am willingly packing up and heading out with the crew… and corresponding stuff in tow! One accessory I’ll be sure to bring – you guessed it – my bento!

Yes, I do work for Laptop Lunches but bring my bento of my own free will after it quickly became a travel staple during a family trip a few years back.

I had initially packed my bento as an experiment to make sure it would make it through airport security which wasn’t an issue at all. After breezing through security we boarded our flight and were excitedly flying the friendly skies… until they started passing out the food. I, for one, love to try new things, so airplane food is oddly fun to me but my 3 year old didn’t quite feel the same. He made “the look” and then I pulled out the bento which just so happened to have a main course of homemade mac ‘n cheese from the night before (of course, being 3 – this was his favorite thing to eat) – disaster averted.

Unfortunately, our “meal” of a small, dry sandwich didn’t exactly fill up my husband, so a few hours later he was rifling through the bags for a snack. He rifled and sighed and rifled and sighed until I pulled out the rest of our little guy’s bento lunch – his eyes immediately lit up and the bento was quickly eaten up!

Two disasters averted – This bento was making me a hero in the skies!

Throughout the vacation, I brought that bento everywhere. Quickly and easily turning leftovers into picnics became my superhero strength which squashed the stress of what to eat when and where with a hungry little one and made us a very happy vacationing family!

Moral of the story – your bento lunch box travels very well and just might make you a superhero too, so be sure to fill it up and take it to go! Happy travels!

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