Laptop Lunches Goes to Google

Google recently opened a new cafe on their Mountain View campus which is focused on healthy portions and Imagewholesome choices (Google has gotten a reputation for offering such amazing food that new workers often put on The Freshman 15!). The choices are amazingly delicious and healthy and small portions are encouraged to help keep the total calories for their lunch time meals down below 600 calories.

One of the features of this new cafe is a demo kitchen where world class chefs are scheduled to come and teach employees how to prepare their own delicious, wholesome meals when they’re away from the office.


Lobby at Google complete with a slide, of course.

We were extremely honored when Google called on Laptop Lunches to be part of their launch by coming in and demonstrating how easy it is to create low calorie, portion controlled meals for both employees and their kids to enjoy while on the go.

Tammy and Anna made the trip over to Google’s amazing campus. After taking a peak around and being in full awe of the on site amenities offered to employees – we’re talking masseuse, barber shop, full gym, video games… so cool! – Chefs Liv and Dede met up with them and opened the doors to the mecca of amazing food. We’re talking sushi, fresh fruits and veggies, soups, lean meats,… and on and on and on right to the demo room where class was about to begin.

Tammy led the class of about 20 attentive employees showing them how to bring life back into their boring leftovers, pack for picky eaters, mix and match ingredients to keep meals interesting and offered some re-makes on the more overused on the go staples like Peanut Butter and Jelly.


Tammy with Chefs Liz and Dede getting ready for the class.

Here are the menus that were presented to the class:

A New Take On An Old Standby
• Apple PB&J (almond butter)
• Cheese cubes on a pick
• Popcorn w/ Parmesan
• Snap Peas

Sushi Twist
• Hummus, Avocado, Shredded Carrot Sushi, bread
• Peeled Clementine
• Edamame
• Pretzels

Build Your Own Pizza
• Flat bread
• Pizza Sauce
• Mozzarella, Parmesan
• Olives
• Dates w/ Cream cheese
• Shredded carrot salad w/ raisins and vinaigrette

Banana Bites
• Peanut butter and banana rolled in a whole wheat tortilla and cut into rounds
• Yogurt
• Mixed almonds and cranberries
• Red Peppers

The class sampled Tammy’s lunches and shared some of their ideas and frustrations about packing lunches for kids and eating well in general.

The main takeaways for the day – with a little effort and some forethought, packing and enjoying meals on the go really can be easy and fun… and the Google campus has some the coolest amenities!

What are some of your tips for keeping on the go meals tasty and easy to make?

Photo credits: (google icon and lobby).

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