Diet Success One Lunch at a Time

Are you following a diet based on portion control such as Weight Watchers and having a difficult time eating well while on the go? If so, you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that we’ve got some proof that our lunch boxes are a great tool for success.


MJ Dillman is a Weight Watchers success story and runs the online support group, Weight Watchers and Me on Facebook which is an amazing community of individuals helping one another navigate their way to success. This past January, MJ reached out to us after taking our lunch boxes for a test spin and was thrilled with the results.

Excited to help others, MJ started sharing her lunch inspiration and details and had this to say the Laptop Lunches bento boxes:

“My Bento Lunch Box from Laptop Lunches has been instrumental in my success on Weight Watchers!

These lunch boxes offer a fun and easy way to pack healthy lunches which is something I had been struggling with – everything I had been packing went from the freezer to the microwave – not exactly fun or healthy.

I am a very visual person and found packing lunches tedious and boring until now! I purchased extra containers so now I portion out foods that are ready in the fridge to quickly grab and go during the week.  I know the portion sizes of the containers so I don’t even have to drag out measuring cups, it’s all done for me and they are cute and colorful!

Surrounding yourself with lots of support and some good tools, is the secret to success on any weight loss plan and these bento lunch boxes are a fabulous tool for anyone on a weight loss journey.  They are colorful, assist in portion control, are very cute and make eating well on the go easy!”

-MJ Dillman

To learn more about how our lunch boxes can help you bring portion control and balance into your lunch packing routine, click here.



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