Day Camp Must Have

Are your kids headed to day camp this summer? If so, longtime Camp Food Service Consultant, Viki Spain wants to make sure they’re headed off with bento in tow. Read on to learn why:

One of the most powerful tools ever created in the lunch box world is the Laptop Lunches bento design for children (and adults!).With childhood obesity on the rise, portion-control training must begin now–and this lunchbox does exactly that.

This concept provides a colorful array of containers with a set of stainless steel silverware. The clever layout and support pie20140426_114340ces (extra “Bento Buddies” containers, insulated carriers, etc.), provide an eye-catching effect and encourage planning ahead by having containers that can easily be filled and ready to go.

Parents won’t believe the ease of use and ease of mind regarding portion control AND food safety issues, particularly in the world of food allergies. As a food safety “geek,” I promote the idea of teaching hand-washing and food safety management in the home, school, camp, and public restrooms; food safety in t20140426_161243his case is in the form of allowing parents provide their children with their own prepared foods meeting their standards and needs. With more and more children being diagnosed with food allergies, food-related diseases, such as Celiac disease, and many other related problems (a new study has just be released regarding food dyes), parents need to prepare as many meals as possible at home to send the safe food with their child everywhere they go.

As we all prepare for summer, parents can continue to use these Laptop Lunches lunch boxes when they send their children to day camp, Vacation Bible School, or other local community day programs, such as the local YMCA. The uniqueness of this design broadens and supports the understanding of portion control and food safety for children and adults in all walks of life.

I have taken a personal challenge to prepare all my meals fresh (as a vegetarian, it’s very difficult to find things truly made for vegetarians, not just salad bars), and my Laptop lunch box is the answer for me. Perhaps many other parents and individuals will see how powerful a tool this lunch design can be for them.

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