Rock Your Lunch Box!

Let’s face it… it’s hard to keep coming up with new ideas for your kids’ school lunches. That’s where Rock the Lunchbox comes in. Rock the LunchboAvoSandwichx was founded on the principle that lunch should be healthy AND fun. Believe it or not, 72% of kids believe that it’s cool to have healthy food in their lunch*. Did you hear that? Healthy is COOL now. We’re into it.

It’s time to Build a Better Lunchbox™. Rock the Lunchbox is here to help parents conquer lunchbox fatigue by inspiring fun, better-for-you lunch ideas that kids will love. We’re talking PB&J sushi rolls (with whole wheat wraps), smiley face chicken quesadillas, and many more creative combinations. It’s no secret that kids are trading items in their lunchbox every day, so why not pack them a well-rounded lunch that they’ll refuse to swap with friends.

Go ahead and get creative! Have fun! Real food tastes better, and it’s even sweeter when it’s all packed up in a cool new lunch box (we love the Laptop Lunches compartmentalized Bento Lunchboxes)! Visit to grab ideas from some of your favorite brands: Annie’s, Honest Kids, Applegate, Rudi’s Organic, Dino Peanut Butterbkgrevand Organic Valley. Don’t stop there! Share your ideas with us – we’re always looking to be inspired by new lunchbox creativity.

Want more of the goodness? Follow @RockTheLunchbox on Instagram and tag your lunch photos with the hashtag #rockthelunchbox. We may feature your photo on or @RockTheLunchbox’s Instagram!

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