Eating in Color by Frances Largeman-Roth (Review)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.33.09 AM  Frances Largeman-Roth, mother of two, nutritionist and author of the cookbook Eating in Color, is hoping to revamp your weekly meal routine and improve your nutrition by widening your color palette…..that is, your food color palate! Largeman-Roth explains that despite being a nutritionist, she was stuck making the same bland recipes that lacked a color variety. When her daughter started learning about colors in pre-school she used it as an opportunity to add new and nutritious foods into her family’s diet. She introduced foods by color groups such as red, orange and green rather than “beets, sweet potatoes and broccoli.” By approaching it as an adventure, she discovered new foods and experimented with different dishes. She got her kids involved by having them prepare their own meals, challenging them to include as many colors of the rainbow as they could onto their plate.

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            Most of Largeman-Roth’s recipes are vegetarian based as she encourages eating “close to the earth” about 90 percent of the day. However, she does include meat and poultry dishes as well as some occasional indulgences, as she believes there should be room in our diet for some not-so-healthy choices. She embraces the fact that no one can eat perfectly, therefore encourages some leeway in menu planning and encourages readers to simply aim at incorporating a few of her recipes each week, guaranteeing a significant increase in the amount of fruits and veggies consumed. She also encourages creating a healthy lifestyle balanced with a variety of colorful foods, exercise, and trying new things.

            Unlike traditional cookbooks organized by food groups and meal types, Eating in Color is organized by color group, with beautiful color photos accompanying the recipes. Included is information on different kinds of foods such as flax seeds, quinoa, chia seeds and kale. The author also goes into depth in explaining what different terms such as antioxidants, free radicals and phytonutrients mean and their various chemical processes inside the body. The explanations are simplified enough for young children to understand and really enhance the content of the recipes. Ultimately she says that her goal with the cookbook is “not to get you to focus on specific nutrients, but just to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains each day.”

            This book is a must for families looking to improve their cooking skills and who want to involve their children in healthy meal preparations. Her website, ( is filled with many resources, including videos, recipes and various healthy living tips to kick start your healthy lifestyle. She is very much loved by our bento team!Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.33.19 AM

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