Don’t Sweat It

Lil over at Fresh Mama is an amazing cook and awesome lunch packer – when she makes pb&j it comes on homemade bread! Hfreshmamaow does she do it?

  • She prepares as much as possible in advance – once a week she finds herself baking, cleaning, cutting, steaming, hard-boiling, etc so that she’s ready to grab ‘n go all week long.
  • She gets her kids involved.
  • She keeps it fun.
  • She gives herself a break. Of course, her goal is to feed her kids well but she lets them buy lunch at school once a week and doesn’t sweat it when she has to throw together a quick lunch using pre-packaged foods – life gets busy!

Learn more about Lil’s lunch packing tips and get some of her great bake and freeze recipes here.

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