Top Travel Tips


Heading on vacation for a little R&R can be super stressful – packing, traveling, getting settled once you’re there…. It’s something we look forward to and enjoy but the pre-travel workload and planning can be a bit daunting. To help put some fun into the more difficult aspects of travel, we recently asked our Facebook community to share their top travel tips and got an amazing response!

Here are our top 10 favorite tips that we know we’ll be putting to use:

  1. Bring lots of music and lots of patience… and baby wipes… whether you have kids or not! !!! – Marla Blair


  2. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. They get less wrinkly that way. – Catherine MacPhee
  3. Pack /wear older clothes you don’t care about, u can toss / donate them and make room for new stuff without needing more luggage to come home. –Michael Graces
  4. When traveling by car or plane, I always pack a bunch of new activities, colouring, books or a new movie, stuff they’ve never seen. The kids know I have a goodie bag and when I feel they are getting bored, out comes something new to do! Has always worked for us! – Julia Jacobsen Savoy
  5. If you are traveling with older kids, take this time to talk to them, impart wisdom let them ramble. Ban the electronic devices. They are in an enclosed space with you, take advantage of it! – Jeneane O’Toole Stepan
  6. Download audio books to listen to. – Crystal Bomnskie
  7. Pack lunches and snacks to stop along the way at rest stops and eat. It’s much better on your wallet. Also nice to get out of the car and stretch. Plan stops at rest stops or parks – plenty of room to stretch legs and get ready to get back in the car. –Lacey Taylor
  8. Find a local farmers market to load up on fresh fruit and other snacks. Also visit local grocery stores for pre- made foods. –Monica Macias Torrez
  9. Take a breath, find a way to enjoy the unexpected, unplanned moments that may seem inconvenient, but will undoubtedly become part of the incredible memories of your whole family for years to come. – Sarah Jean Burtchell


  10. Stop and enjoy the road trip! So many people want to get to the destination that they miss neat side adventures along the way. Plan for some time to stop and see the sites when you are driving and everyone will be happier with the breaks and fun activities! – Lauren Stutzman

For more great ideas, check out the full post and all comments here.

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